Audrina Partridge Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Audrina Partridge

The sexy Audrina Partridge is a famous American actress and model. She is in her early thirties and still, looks hotter than any 20 years old out there. The American magazines called her a phenomenal beauty as she never fails to catch our eyes in her tiny revealing outfits. That is why she never fails to show off her sculpted bikini body. I know most of you may not even dare to wear bikinis in beaches because of your unfit body. Well, i guess it’s wrong, also in an interview, Audrina claimed that she feels bad about people who try to hide their body on beaches.
So to help you guys out, I present to you the diet plan and the eating habits of Audrina. Having an awesome Audrina body is not difficult. All you need is a healthy workout and balanced diet chart. She claims that her diet is the main reason behind her beauty. So just go through her diet plans, follow them and get a perfect bikini body. In Audrina’s words Flatter your body more than your tongue.

Audrina Partridge Diet Plan And Workout Routine


You must be wondering what a Sunfare diet is? In simple words, this is a diet plan that focuses on the consumption of low level of glymic and also a low level of carbohydrates in the ratio of 30:40:30 ( proteins, carbs, and fats). This meal delivery diet plan is surely a fabulous way to achieve a perfect body like Audrina Partridge. Awesome Audrina is a super fan of this Sunfare diet. She strictly follows the Sunfire diet . According to the diet plan, not more than 1200 calories can be consumed by a person in one single day. Which is the reason behind her perfect bikini body.

So let us all sit-down and take a glance at her sunfare diet plan

1.) Breakfast – It is the most important meal of the day. So to give the day a perfect start we have Black tea with low-fat milk + A delicious oatmeals with some berries and finally cinnamons.
2.) Lunch – To compete with the delicious breakfast, in lunch, we have a slurpy vegetable soup, ranch dressed turkey wraps and (my favorite) lemon ice tea.
3.) Snack – To keep up the strength, for a snack, we have some raw nuts, freshly cut fruits and string cheese. The snack may have some variations to improve the taste.
4.) Dinner – It is my favorite meal of the day. So for Audrina, we have A lean steak and some leafy green veggies. The dinner menu has some variations too for better taste.


Audrina Partridge Diet Plan

This means “NO” junk food. I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Audrina claims that she is a true lover of junks . But the junks negative impact on health, physique, and beauty helps her to be distant from the junk food. Nowadays she strictly sticks to her diet avoiding the fats she loved. In simple words, she avoids to satisfy her tongue and rather focuses on loving and flattering her body. As we have discussed her new diet contains only includes veggies, seeds, nuts, fruits, smoothies, lean protein etc.
Now you may think that this food is a torture, but she claims that this new food chart tastes amazing. She loves to eat fruits (especially apples) and says they are better than coffee. Also in drinks, she adores having the regular protein diet shakes and smoothies. In a recent interview, she told that she enjoys to make and try various new fruits smoothies and her favorite is the vegan green smoothie. These food items are a real blast all you need to do is some healthy alterations. For example, in the case of Audrina, she adds some fresh yogurt to her smoothies to improve the taste along with nutrient density.

Audrina Partridge Workout Routine

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