Cheryl Cole Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Cheryl Cole Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Where all the musical chords connect, where beauty and elegance merge, where health and sleekness are integrated, yes thats the blissful situation of X factor Judge, Cheryl Cole who is just not the sensual figure of all times but also the greatest  artists of British origin. X Factor, the well known TV show owes a great deal to Cheryl for making it lively with her glamorous and enchanting presence. She might be the crush of a bevy of men but she definitely gives a tough time to ladies who tries to emulate her practices to get the perfect figure. It’s not easy to look wonderful on camera, you just can’t do it with good makeup rather you need to figure out a suitable diet for yourself and follow an equally tiring workout. Here are the secrets of the diva:

Cheryl Cole Diet Plan

Cheryl Cole Diet Plan

Sometimes, the things are not very difficult, if you incorporate them in between your routine, Cole thinks that when she is particular about her fitness regime, she relax on dietary restrictions a bit.Cheryl does not have a strict diet but she follows a simple diet which is neither luxurious nor unhealthy. She asked experts for a  nutritious diet which can give  better results than starvation. Apart from the list of food items, she even takes care of her timings, she never puts long gaps in between meals and always take the specified meal at the scheduled time. “Under the sun” star’s favourites:


To start the day, Cheryl enjoys an omelet made from two eggs, only white portion.


Her lunch comprises of good quality grilled chicken along with some green and fresh beans.


Her dinner gets completed before 6pm as she avoids eating late at night to keep digestive issues at a bay. Dinner for Cheryl Cole is all about some good seafood alongwith side salad, baked potato and yoghurts or berries or cereal bars.Alcohol and liquor are a strict no for her and she is in debt of this ideology.

Cheryl Cole Diet Plan and workout

Cheryl’s combination of diet and fitness sessions is not deadly and tiring, it’s simple yet effective. Cheryl has alwaysalways fought her weak metabolism to maintain a figure. The efforts she puts to look ravishing on screen are recommendable when she is not resorting to ways like starving and crash dieting. Cheryl clearly advices her female fans to follow her diet blindly but faithfully for better results.

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