Deepika Padukone Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Deepika Padukone

Born on January 5, 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Deepika is a very famous Bollywood actress and the daughter of the famous badminton player Prakash Padukone. she kickstarted in the industry with a modelling career while she just passed her class tenth exam and lately got into her first movie Om Shanti om opposite Shahrukh Khan in a Farah khan banner. She is tall and is supposingly an all time beauty, with charming and characteristic features she is also a dress designer now. Winner of many famous awards, Deepika has always been successful in giving her best to the industry and has always given overwhelming performances.

Deppika Padukone Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Deppika Padukone Diet Plan

To maintain your career in the film industry, it is important to have a great fashion sense and a sleek body. The celebs work day and night to maintain their body and curves and it requires ample of exercising and diet patterns to be followed to get into such a mould. The dazzling Deepika has a perfectly maintained body and follows a particular strict diet to let no flaw occur. She has a routine life and has always managed to keep her body slim and sleek.

Her breakfast includes eggs and milk along or may be a south Indian light meal. Her lunch concludes with grilled fish, small portions of green leafy vegetables and chapatti. Her in between brunch may call for some fresh fruits and or natural sugar free juices. Also she consumes fresh coconut milk after a span of every two to three hours.  Her dinner includes freshly prepared salad, green veges clubbed with 2 chapattis. Supper includes nuts and may be some fresh fruit juice or filtered coffee.

Deepika Padukone Fitness mantra

Deepika kickstarts her day early in the morning with yoga asanas, which basically include stretching and breathing exercises. She prefers meditation and approximately 10 cycles of Surya Namaskar. According to Deepika, yoga is the key to keep oneself going in today’s world of heavy machines. She believes that it gives the mind, body and soul relaxation and helps to maintain a toned body. It works wholly and helps one to acquire peace even while working out.

 And Workout Routine

Then she goes for running on the treadmill or short duration walking which helps her to lose a lot of calories. In the gym she does pilates, pushups, squats and crunches in the form of sets. Her basic exercises are for stretching which help her retain the perfect body figure. Pilates being her favorite, she does them in a daily routine.

Apart from this, Deepika is also fond of some dance exercises namely aerobics. She loves to dance and that she believes that there should be scheduled time for what you love to do. Whenever she skips her gym, she goes for professional dance styles like Bharat Natyam and other contemporary forms. She believes it makes the whole body work in a manner where losing weight is the easiest option.Well, we are highly impressed with the actress giving things a hard try.

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