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Eva Mendes Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Eva Mendes

The name Eva Mendes must not be new to you. The American singer, actor, model and fashion designer is globally known for her work. Eva is very popular for her works in various fields, but her beauty is what makes her so desirable. Eva truly is one of the prettiest American actresses with a glamorous body. According to me, She has the perfect ratio of cuteness and hotness which takes her to all new level. I have watched her perform in several movies like Ghost rider, Fast and Furious 2 , Training day, Hitch etc ; and trust me she has only looked younger with growing age. Her glowing soft skin, curly n thick brunet hair and a beautiful smile can make anyone fall for her.

Other than movies , Eva in her early days appeared as the face of several brands. Calvin Klein, Revlon, Reebok, Morgan and Pantene Shampoo are some of the famous companies she worked for. With her charm, she was also able to appear on the covers of several magazines like vogue, Forbes etc. Eva has been sensational throughout her career and is still growing to do better. What I like most about her is that, despite knowing the fact how great she looks, she has never given up on the fact she can do better. Her willingness to go on is what makes her so special.

eva diet plan

For now, let us focus on the theme of the article. So just continue to read to know about the secret diet behind the health and fitness of Eva.

Eva Mendes Diet Plan

Eva Mendis is one of the actresses who never tried to get a size zero, yet have managed to maintain a perfectly sculpted figure and a healthy body. The secret behind her perfect body is a heavy workout with a perfect balanced diet. With a balanced combination of exercise and diet, even you can get the body you desire. Yes, this means, even you can look Eva in no time. But for that just like Eva you need to understand your priorities. In this case, it would be to flatter your body more than you tongue. Well, this is the motto behind Eva’s good health. So let us take a closer look at her diet plan now.

Just like many other Famous actresses, Eva follows the 5-factor diet plan. For those who don’t know about the five-factor don’t plan, let me explain you in detail what it actually is. This is a diet schedule created by the famous fitness trainer Harley Pasternak. In this, your diet chart will simply revolve around the no. 5 . You have to eat five meals a day , each with 5 ingredients and it take only 5 minutes to prepare. Followed by a 25 minutes workout with 5 segments of 5 minutes each.


1.) BREAKFAST – It is important to have a fresh start of the day. So for Breakfast Eva has yoghurt, freshly cut fruits salad and some sunflower seeds.

2.) BRUNCH– You may also know it by the name mid-day breakfast. She oatmeals and egg whites.

2.) LUNCH – In an interview Eva said that she has a fetish for Japanese food. Considering this, her trainer gives her brown rice sushis for lunch.

3.) SNACK – Eva is not a munching fan. She does not have a heavy snack , on the other hand, she gets a glass of green protein shake for energy and body metabolism.

4.) DINNER – To end the day in a most boring way, Eva has a large bowl of salad with beets and feta.

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