Kristen Stewart Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kristen Stewart Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kristen Jaymes Stewart or well known as Kristen Stewart took birth in Los Angeles, California on April 9, 1990. Kristen who is known for her portrayal of Bella Swan in the well received and eccentric movie series “The Twilight Saga”. However, very few people know that Kristen ventured her onscreen career when she was merely 10 and later grabbed some prestigious roles as a child actor. “Twilight” brought the needed light in her stardom and made her one of the top-earning actresses in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kristen Stewart has topped several charts, taking about the prettiest woman of all times. The girl is not just beautiful, she is also fit. Kristen swears that she is not a gym rat and she hardly exercises like her Co-actors as she is proud of her genetically lean and slender frame. The lady, however, hit the gym once she got on board for  “Snow White and the Huntsman”, that’s when she learned the perquisites of workout and now willingly hits the gym alternative days. 

Kristen Stewart Diet Plan

The foodie in the body of this elegant girl can’t refrain from gorging, no matter how important it is too. She has never wrapped her love for eating from the public. She not only runs from the gym but She doesn’t even follow a very strict diet. Kristen, in order to compensate, eats only light variety of foods to maintain her shape. Like all other stars, her diet is made as per her taste but keeping in mind the needed shots of protein, nutrients, and low calories.

A day of Kristen looks Like

Kristen Stewart Workout Routine

 Mexican gourmet dishes: Her craving for Mexican food knows no bound, she thus learned all the hacks of including health variant into Mexican cuisine and cooks it all by herself. This is the best way to keep a check on calorie intake, according to her.

Diet substitutes: Diet to twilight star is replacing her favorite red meat and butter with lean meats and low-fat butter.Her day starts with boiled eggs and her favorite cashew nuts and apricots and large glasses of smoothies. After a heavy breakfast, she feels complete and ready for long schedules. Kristen later ignores lunch and binges on fruit juices in the evening. Dinners are all time favorites where she tires having her Mexican food.

Kristen Stewart Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Cheat days

Kristen includes many cheat days in her diet and falls a prey to cheesy and creamy pasta. Her love for bakery goods can’t be explained, She craves for pies and chocolates, interestingly she prefers to bake all of them herself especially for her entire family. As far as working out is concerned, Kristen clearly advice just don’t do it for the sake of it. If the regime is not suitable for you, try finding some better alternative resorts like dancing or swimming as they are also equally effective.

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