Beyonce Diet Plan And Workout Routine


The name Beyonce is known worldwide. The American-born is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, recorder producer, and actress. She was born and raised in Houston Texas , on 4th September 1981. Now, I want all of you to remember this date, because on this day the world hottest and sexiest cowgirl was born ( none other than Beyonce ). She started her career in the Hollywood film industry at the age of 9, as the lead singer of girl band Destiny child. Since then the passing time has only carved her , to make her better. By now the cutest singer has turned into the hottest singer.

Beyonce is a truly talented person, her skills, and performance art is unmatchable. But the thing that makes her more popular is her beauty. It’s true, that the thing Beyonce is most famous for is not her voice but her amazing figure. Beyonce is truly among the world sexiest women/girls ever born. Time has only sculpted her to look better. Now it’s not just or a natural gift. Beyonce as an the individual has worked very hard to be the person she is now. She has worked real hard to become one of the greatest singer of all times ( about which we all know.) But a lot of people do not know about her struggle and commitment towards her perfect figure. So today, we will be discussing how Beyonce with her labour and hard work got the perfect body shape.


Just like any other celeb, the secret behind the health and fitness of Beyonce is a heavy workout routine and a perfectly planned diet chart. The combination of these two in right proportion is the secret behind the fitness of any celeb out there. Then why is Beyonce so different from all other celebs? What makes her prettier and sexier? Well The secret behind this is her perfect lemonade diet. It is also known as Master cleanse diet or Maple syrup diet. This is one of the oldest style of diet that has come back in trend in the recent year.

beyonce diet planBeyonce Diet Plan

To brief all those who don’t know about it. Lemonade diet is a strict liquid mono-diet, with the aim ” Lose weight, have more energy and Be happier in 10 days “. This diet simply helps to flush out
the congestions and toxins that accumulate in the human body. But what you need to remember that it is a form of fasting. This diet is devoid of a lot of macronutrients ( which is not good for


1) Prepare lemon juice or a fresh lime juice. For nutritious add cayenne pepper and maple syrup in water. Mix the ingredients well. Your lemonade is ready, and you must have it at least 10 – 12
times a day.
2) Before and after having your sleep have 1 cup of herbal laxative tea . ( have it twice a day.)
3) You should strictly avoid having any other form of food.
4) You can have internal salt water baths.
5.) This practice can be followed for 10 days – 40 days. It all depends on upn the person capacity to handle it.
6.) You can perform it 4 – 5 times a year. The results would be very effective for sure.

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