Carine Roitfeld Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Carine Roitfeld

I am sure you all must be knowing about the vogue magazine. Well, guess what? Carine Roitfeld is the sexiest editor in chief of the vogue magazine. For your introduction, she held the post as editor in chief of the vogue magazine for almost 10 years. Along with her magical writing skills, she used her perfectly sculpted body as a fashion model. Once upon a time she used to be a sexy bombshell. Things are no more the same these days, but she still has spark to ignite any of you out there.


The former writer is still an inspiration for all the girls out there. Even after so long her charm has not faded at all. In a recent interview, she was asked about what has kept her so beautiful over these years. Her answers came out as a real shock to me. Well, the basics are simple and acceptable. She says that the reason behind her beauty is a good and healthy diet + a proper daily workout. But the diet she speaks of is not what I was expecting out of her. Well, lets continue to read further and find out what exactly she have.342b1fe84c3a22e97cd8a0e74e85812dCarine has a very different concept of weight control. She is not asking for a heavy workout or balanced diets. On the other hand, she says no exercise, eat cheese, have some smoke, enjoy a glass of wine. I know this sounds ridiculous and can cause serious health issues, but it is not completely wrong. There is a slight truth behind this weird method.

Carine Roitfeld diet plan


It has been practically proven that eating cheese helps in the process of weight loss. According to the study of Wendy Chan at the Curtin university of technology in Perth, England; she found that people who consumed dairy products 5 times a day (including heavy cheese) Lost more weight at a much faster rate than the people who stuck to a perfectly balanced diet. Actually, there is a simple logic behind it. The protein, vitamins and calcium’s help you to maintain low blood pressure and also cuts down the abdominal fat.


A lot of people are suggested to have a glass of red wine by doctors. The reason being that the wine improves your health by speeding up your body metabolism. Let me make this simpler for you. The wine is made of grapes which act as an antioxidant also known as flavonoids. These flavonoids are the elements that help in the weight loss. Scientific studies have proven this fact.


You all know smoking is injurious to health but leaving this fact apart, smoking helps in the process of weight loss to a great extent. Though I would personally suggest you to not to follow this dieting tip.

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