Dita Von Teese Diet Plan and Workout Routine

 Dita Von Teese Diet Plan and Workout Routine

 Dita Von Teese, an artist of great zeal is an enviuos beauty with a waist of mere 22 inches. A combination of sclupted waist and a hourglass figure created a storm into the Burlesque industry and the storm was surely welcomed. One can hardly expect a person to be in such a shape when they are in their forties. Dita always maintained an healthy image and if you ask her the reason, she explains that’s it all because of well designed workouts and balanced diet.

 Dita Von Teese Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Vegan Mornings

Von Teese is not a pure vegetarian, she lately confessed that she has not always been very concerned about her diet and used to indulge in cravings especially during her early twenties. To her cravings meant fizzy, soda drinks, alcohol, fast foods, cigarette etc back then and kept wondering the reason for being so lazy? However, Dita loved the results that she saw after the amendments in her diet, she could witness great results over her skin and body. Dita strongly believes a diet sans these processed foods and products brought her back. She feels much agile and energetic with vital amount of sleep.

Here is a look at her diet:

 Dita Von Teese Diet Plan


Dita prefers a large glass of green smoothie which consists  of veggies and fruits in the proportion of 7:3. For her, this drink is a wonder product as it keeps her away from fizzy drinks and acts as a detoxing drink.

After the smoothie, she takes Toasted millet, rice bread and avocados. All day long, Von Teese makes sure that she has meals lined up for every two to three hours. In between Snacks – fresh fruits like Blueberries, papaya, celery sticks, raw almonds, sliced avocados, coconut water etc.

Lunch :

Mixed salad made up of with green leafy veggies and sushi, etc.


After relying on fruits and vegetables all day long, Dita jumps to products that are rich in proteins like fish, meat, eggs etc. Grilled fish and poached meat etc.

Von Teese’s figure represents that she adheres to healthy eating diet. Healthy diet is not just eating healthy food, its all an effort to stay away from food that is high on sugar content like, coffee, tea and synthetically processed food, etc. Von Teese successfully carved a distance from white variants like bread, pasta, dairy products, high carb foods plus she even learned to control her sweet tooth. Dita’s diet plan doesn’t end abruptly hut provides her reasonable substitutes for various kinds of cravings:

  • Sugar Craving: A very small piece of dark chocolate.
  • Salty food Craving: Boiled eggs cooked with either truffle salt or smoked sea salt.
  • Junk food: Wholewheat pizza and hamburger with low fat sausages. 

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