Holly Madison Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Holly Madison Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Holly Madison

Every woman wants to look like the hot and sexy girl next door. Yes, I am talking about Holly madison from the American daily sope. This ravishing beauty is a real example of a perfectly fit body. Inspiring a lot of women out there, she has given 2 childbirths without losing any curvy edges of her body. She lost more than 30 pounds of weight in just 7 months after her pregnancy. And it’s not because of any surgeries or heavy fitness workout. The actress claims that the reason behind the magical body transformation is her portion controlled diet plan and a secret workout.

Her secret workout along with the perfect diet plan is only why she can again expose her bombshell body in sexy bikinis. Though the journey to that was not easy, yet she reached it. So let us look closely towards her eating habits and find out how she did it. Today I will discuss and reveal to you, her secret diet plan . So now , in no time you can get a madison sexy body. All you have to do is just follow the tips and trick madison used and get what you want. For tips, just have some self-control and initiate good eating habits.

Holly Madison Diet Plan And Workout Routine


Just like any other person, Holly is also a food lover. She used to be and is a foodie, which often results in her eating up the unhealthy junks. Though nowadays she is very strict with her diet plan which she follows for her good health, physique, and beauty. No more is she tempted by all those French fries, chicken fingers and other fats she used to consume. Her pregnancy has brought some real good changes in her attitude. During and after the pregnancy she has taken real good care of her body. So now it’s no more eating like a pig, instead she has a fixed diet with trimmed down portions of foods. Holly sure has a very sexy body and the main secret behind her swimsuit body is, Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Foods which she has incorporated into her diet plan and also the healthy green smoothies. So now let us all sit down and take a close look at Holly Madisons diet during and after the pregnancy-

Holly Madison Diet Plan

1.) Breakfast – Well we all know it is the most important meal of the day. Holly has taken this fact very seriously and makes sure to have healthy breakfast. Mostly she would have a Starbuck Americano and few slices of pumpkin bread. Along with this green blueberry smoothie to energize her for what’s to come next.
2.) Lunch – Mostly it is a bowl of tomato soup along with an organic kale salad but sometimes to have some good taste she likes to have something from In and Out or Taco bells.
3.) Snacks– Being a foodie, snacks is the favorite meal time of Madison. So to be healthy all she haves is a glass of organic green juice or a green smoothie, along with some freshly cut fruits and veggies. Mostly it is spinach along with some bananas and apples.
4.) Dinner – She loosens up her diet in the night. To enjoy the ending of a hectic day, she usually likes to have vegan lasagna or dairy free Pinkberry.

Holly Madison Workout Routine

Madison in no way screwed up with her body during and even after the pregnancy. She stuck to a healthy balanced diet and decided to stay in good shape. The food junkie is now a food saint. She embraced the healthy nutrient rich food. All she had was fruits, veggies, pasta, grilled chicken , mashed potatoes and green shakes for her diet. The hot tv star consumes no more than 1100 calories in a day and works out to stay all fit and healthy.

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