Jeniffer Aniston Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Jeniffer Aniston

Do you guys know Jeniffer Aniston? Ummm, what about Rachel Green ? Yes, the Famous American born Actress Jennifer Aniston (also known as Rachel Green ) is a sensational actress , producer, and business women. She is a globally renowned celebrity, well known for her work and caliber. Jennifer entered the entertainment industry at the age of 18 , i.e. in the year 1987. After working for a while, she finally got her big break in the year 1994. The American television sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S is her biggest career hit. Her character of Rachel green in the show became incredibly popular. It is still among the list of top 50 most famous female characters in the United states television. She has won dozens of awards for her amazing performance, for example, Prime time Emmy awards, Golden Globe awards, Screen actor Guild awards etc.

Jeniffer Aniston Diet Plan And Workout Routine

She has proved to be an amazing actress , but that’s not all. Jeniffer is not only famous for her brilliant acting skills, her beauty is something people are largely fond of. The character Rachel green was more famous for the styling and fashion sense of Jeniffer. Every girl back then tried to copy the dressing style and hairstyle of Rachel. Also, they worked really hard to look as pretty as Jeniffer but that’s not an easy task. So guys , let us take a look into what make Jennifer look so attractive.

Jeniffer Aniston Diet Plan

Jennifer Aniston is very popular for her wardrobe choice and her hairstyle. Girls can easily copy that, but no is able to match her amazing looks. Jennifer Aniston has one of the most attractive figures in the Hollywood industry. With the perfect body dimensions, she just kills the crowd no matter what she wears. No wonder she is so popular. Gorgeous figure, beautiful face and amazing talent, I guess that’s all you need. Despite all these facts, her life is not easy. Maintaining all these things, all along the career is a big task. She has worked really hard to stay in shape and perform well. So, for now, I will just tell you the secret behind the perfectly toned body of Jennifer.

Jeniffer Aniston Workout Routine

The secret behind Jennifer’s hot and sexy body is a daily workout and a healthy diet. In this article, we will be specifically be discussing her diet plan. So let’s take a look into what Jennifer eats to stay all healthy and fit.

ZONE DIET (40-30-30)

Jennifer uses a specially designed zone diet to stay fit. This diet plan was created by Barry pears. The diet plan is popularly known by the name 40 – 30 – 30 . The 40 indicates carbs intake while the 30 – 30 is Proteins and fats. She strictly follows the diet , avoiding all the junk food. She also doesn’t use the concept of a cheat day. Jen simply loves to eat healthy all years long. So let’s take a look at her daily diet chart.


1.) Coconut water ginger peach shake

2.) A cereal bar with a small piece of cheese

3.) Toasted bread topped with some apple butter


1.) A fresh green salad

2.) 1 small bowl of celery soup


1.) Marinated salmon with mushrooms + shallots

2.) Cooked white fish along with green beans

3.) Chicken Burritos

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