Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Jennifer Lopez diet plan

Jennifer Lopez famously known as Jlo, was born in July, 1969. She is a famous American actress, producer, dancer, singer and a well known fashion designer. She started her career as a dancer in Fly Girl in 1991, she did the same for two years until she started with acting as a career. She got her first leading role in film Selena in 1997, whivh earned her a nomination for Golden Globe. She became the first Latina actress to earn $1 million for her role in “Out of Sight”. In 1999, she debuted in music industry with her album, “On the 6”. She became the first woman to be a major part of number one film and a number one album in the same week.

Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Jennifer feels that having a goal is not enough to reach such a milestone.  According to her, it is like programming the mind and body according to the workouts and routine. She thinks that this attitude helped her to feel good about the body. Jennifer’s dietician makes sure that she didn’t starve herself, to lose weight. Starving doesn’t help in shedding the weight and fat. She tries to eat 5 times a day and follow this everyday. She understood that the size zero is an outdated concept and once this concept is clear among all, then the rest of the journey is quite easy.

Jlo takes a diet that is rich in nutritions. Her diet includes coffee, turkey, grilled chicken, cottage cheese and prawns in a day. She isn’t obessive about her likes but she eats what she loves. She keeps her diet in check and she eats meat, fast food and chocolate cookies. She thinks that obesity occurs when someone eats that isn’t in their genes. And she prefers to eat all that her Hispanic genes allow her.

Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan

Jennifer is one of those well read and rational minded industry stars who know the terms of the body and never indulges in harsh looking diets unnecessarily. She neither craves losing weight blindly, Jlo thinks that with a carefully designed diet and fitness routine, one can easily achieve the shape that is naturally best for them, so one should not keep thinking about losing weight surpassing all minimum limits deliberately.

Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine

Thus, Jlo came to a settlement for her workouts after knowing her body type, she opted for resistance training and does it about two to three times a week, she has hired well known trainers to guide her during her sessions, as she can barely think of any compromise with her body. This dedication is probably the reason, as to how she fought post delivery weight and bounced back to work. Jennifer attributes the credit to the combination of squats and lunges she performed to get rid of baby fat.

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