Lady Gaga Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Lady Gaga

Do you know Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ? Never heard that name, well she is none other than the American singing sensation Lady gaga. She is a world famous singer, song writer and actress. She started her career at a very young age , almost about the time when she was in her high school. Since than she has continued to work in the industry and by now she has reached the top. With time she has really grown and turned into this amazing celeb, which no one can resist.

Lady gaga eats 5 times a day
We all know she is very popular for her songs. Some of her most popular songs are Poker face, just dance , fame monster , alejandro etc. But this is not the only thing gaga is well known for. Lady gaga is even more popular for her peculiar fashion sense. Her wardrobe choice, with a perfectly sculpted body and killer abs are simply a cherry on the top. These things really helps her to pull of difficult yet amusing dance steps on her live performances. That is what makes her even more popular among the crowd. I have to say she has the perfect combination of looks and talents. Her style actually compliments her looks and most importantly her voice. But we are not here to discuss the singing. Today we will be specifically be studying and looking into the secret behind the fitness and health of lady gaga.

Lady Gaga Diet Plan

Lady gaga sure has, one hell of a sexy body. With a perfect figure she actually pulls of in every outfit. But the real secret behind this beauty is some real hard work. Gaga has worked real hard to maintain this body. So it is known to you all that a good diet along with a proper workout is the secret behind a sexy body. So lets go and take a deeper look into the perfectly planned diet plan gaga follows with her physical training.

Lady Gaga Diet Plan And Workout Routine

So the secret diet , that is the reason behing gagas sexy body is the 5 factor diet. I am sure a lot you mus tnot be aware of this diet plan, so let me just explain it to you in brief. This is a diet schedule created by the famous fitness trainer Harley Pasternak. In this, your diet chart will simply revolve around the no. 5 . You have to eat five meals a day , each with 5 ingredients and it take only 5 minutes to prepare. Followed by a 25 minutes workout with 5 segments of 5 minutes each.
Lady gaga eats 5 times a day. It includes 2 heavy meals and 3 small packs of snacks. The food consist of lean proteins, carbs, fats, fibers and sugar free beverages. So the basic list of foods she haves as a part of her diet –
1) For breakfast it is usually fresh cut fruits, fast free milk and pancakes made out of whole wheat flour.
2.) For lunch and snacks it is salads, turkey, green chips, and coconut water.
3.) For dinner she eats, vegetables, salads,tofu and fish.

Lady Gaga Workout Routine

Also she has a cheat day. Well its a simple concept inn which one a week you can have the food you crave for. In case of gaga it is nachos, pastas etc.

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