Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Priyanka Chopra

The name Priyanka Chopra must be nothing new to you. The young Indian actress is now a renowned international icon. She is a multi talented person and is well know for a lot of things like actings, singing, dancing etc, but modeling was the real breakthrough in her career. She started her career as a model and was crowned as miss universe in the year 2000. Since then she has only grown prettier and sexier. With her looks and her talent she is winning over the complete world ; in simple words, she is a true star.

priyanka diet plan

Her career has not been easy. Over the year she has molded herself in the best possible way. She met all the demands required for the role and has given in her 100%. In the past few years, she has been associated with movies and daily soups which demand a high level of physical health and fitness. For that, she has been going through the heavy workout and a strict diet. The exercises along with the diet have successfully paid off by. She now has a perfectly shaped body with perfect body dimensions (35 -25 – 35) . Priyanka Chopra truly is the sexiest Indian women alive with a hot and sizzling bikini-perfect body.


This is true that Priyanka has a hot and sizzling body, but this is not something she is a big fan of. Priyanka does not believe in the concept of perfect body shape , but she believes in having a good and healthy diet. She tries not to keep the eating process complicated. All she haves is a simple and healthy balanced diet. She believes that nutritious food is very important, as a result of which she tries to munch on to every healthy food. For her, that simply means no fats or oils, some carbs and proteins along with lots of vitamins and minerals. Let us just take a glance over her balanced diet.-

priyanka workout routine
 Breakfast – In an interview, she revealed that Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. She usually haves some oatmeals, 2 pieces of egg whites with a glass of skimmed milk but other than this she certainly loves to have parathas and pakodas ( whenever possible).Shooting on various sites can be really hectic .So for continuous energy and hydration she has eaten nuts along with coconut water every two-three hours.
Lunch – For the afternoon lunch she has typical Indian food i.e. ,salad, 1 bowl of dal, some veggies, and 2 chappatis.
Snacks -Snack is something everyone loves to have, Being very frank snacks is the only meal I never miss on. So coming back to Priyanka, she daily eats a Turkey sandwich with some sprouts.
Dinner – Her dinner actually makes my mouth water. She starts up with soup, followed by some veggies + a grilled chicken or fish. As cheat day, on every Saturday or Sunday cakes , chocolates and tandoori food.

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