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The international singing sensation Rihanna is world popular celebrity. She is not only known because of her amazing voice, but also for her amazing sense of styling and fashion . The Barberian singer and songwriter is famous for exposing her body in her crazy yet stylish outfits. With her sense of fashion and styling, she never misses a chance to flaunt her hot and sizzling body. The sizzling singer is not at all shy when it comes to showing off her physique. Her outfits in her song , concerts, award functions and parties are a proof of that. She never misses the opportunities to flatter others and herself with her physique ( and why shouldn’t she ?) .

rihanna diet plan

She has the perfect curvy body since the day she joined the music industry. The passing time has only made her look hotter and better. In a recent interview, she revealed that the secret to her fitness is a balanced diet. Rihanna does not believe in heavy workouts. Under the guidance of her trainer, she has managed to get a body most girls can only dream off. She does not spend hours in the gym working out just the perfect balanced diet.


rihanna eating plan

Rihanna follows the famous 5-factor diet given by Harley Pasternak. For those who don’t know what it is, let me give you a brief. You have to eat five meals a day , each with 5 ingredients and it take only 5 minutes to prepare. Followed by a 25 minutes workout with 5 segments of 5 minutes each. So in simple terms, everything you do revolves around the no five. Coming back to Rihanna she can only eat 5 meals a day.

It has 5 major nutrients namely proteins, carbs, fats, fibers and sugar-free drinks.The limitations of the diet allow her to eat anything she wants , which she calls a cheat. This is all because she hates to eat veggies, but mostly she ends up eating healthy food items to maintain that killer bombshell body. For now, lets us sneak a peek in Rihanna’s diet plan for a single day .

rihanna workout

BREAKFAST – Like most of the people Rihanna loves to have breakfast. She herself considers its as the most important meal of the day. So to start the day she has some freshly cut pineapples, hot water and lemons and 2 – 4 pieces of egg whites.
LUNCH – For the midday meal she likes to eat her favorite dish fish. So in the afternoon she eats fish along with potatoes.
SNACKS – I don’t know about Rihanna, but I sure love to have a snack (just can’t miss them). For Rihanna, she usually has fresh fruits (grapes mostly) , nuts, salted crackers and low carb munching bars.
DINNER – She ends the day with some light weight food. All she has is mushroom omelette, green salad, and some more fish.green salad and some more fish.

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