Selena Gomez Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Selena Gomez

The young American singing sensation Selena Gomez is a globally popular celebrity. Millions of people admire her, but she means a lot more to me. Selena is my first true love. I have been watching her act and perform since my childhood. I remember staring at the television for hours watching Alex (a.k.a. Selena Gomez ) from Wizards of Waverly place on the Disney Channel. She was the cutest girl I had seen back then. Mesmerized by her beauty, I used to thinks about her day and night and truly speaking I still do that. According to me, Selena is one of the most beautiful celebrities in the Hollywood film Industry.

Selena is in her early twenties and has not lost her charm. The young and talented actress made her debut at the age of 7. Over the years she has been shaped and carved into an ultimate personality. She is an idol for millions of girls out there. So what is it about Selena that makes her so special. First of all her melodious voice and second of all her mesmerizing. She truly has the perfect proportion of talent and looks that has taken her to an all new level. I am sure you all must be knowing a lot about her struggle as a singer, but not everyone knows about her determination and commitment towards her health and beauty. So let us take a look at the secret behind Selena’s Beauty.

Selena Gomez Diet Plan And Workout Routine

One thing is true that Selena has a Natural beauty that is unmatchable but she has really worked hard to maintain it. Selena is average height (not tall like other Hollywood celebs) with the dreamy figure if 34 – 24 – 36. Selena admits the reason behind her perfect figure it the heavy workout and balanced diet. So today we will just be focusing on the balanced diet and not on the workout routine.Selena has a very strict diet plan. Earlier she used to eat junk food like a freak. As a result of this, she was hospitalised. After this incidence, she completely quit on just and stick to protein, vitamin, minerals, and calciums. The girls who loved to eat chocolates, cakes n pastries is now all about green veggies. Her strict diet has really helped her to stay healthy and fit. So let us take a look at her daily diet chart.

Selena Gomez Diet Plan

BREAKFAST – To start the day she haves a slice of brown bread along with egg white + a glass of fresh fruit juice. For a change, she also likes to have an omelet with cheese and onions.
LUNCH – Usually it is pasta or pizza with a glass of juice at the time of shoots, but when she is home, she loves to have meat or Turkey cooked by her mother.
SNACKS – For a snack, she mostly has snicker energy bars. Also sometimes she has pickles.
DINNER – She likes to end today well. So for dinner, she eats a nice and heavy meal, mostly lasagna.

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